How to Love our Illness?

Wei Qifeng,  Zhineng csikung mester a kínai Harmonious Big Family közösségből így ír arról, hogy mit jelent szeretni a betegséget.

“Love everything.

Love is a state of the Consciousness.  If you have Love inside, this Love will connect with everything. Love is a state of our Consciousness. And Love also is a power. 

In fact, if we say “love the illness”, this describes just a mind state. It means we do not fight with our illness, we accept it. And in accepting it, when we truly accept it, in this moment our Consciousness is relaxed. In such a relaxed Consciousness state, because we have Love, our Love and also our Compassion, has a very strong healing power. Our Consciousness is in a Love State.

And you know…, the natural healing power in our body…, this healing power will help us to improve our health condition, for example our immune system. This power will also give us positive energy and heal a problem. This is a natural process.

Consciousness loves everything. But the body also has its functions. It is capable of self-healing. When we love, it means we give more power, more energy to support this function. We support the body’s natural healing function. “Love our illness” does not mean we attach to the illness. We do not think, “I need this illness”. It is not like that.

Love, the Big Heart, is Compassion. 

That means we go beyond. When we love the illness, it means Love. Love the body. Love others. This is all the same. It means we go beyond the illness.  We do not fixate on the illness, this is not the meaning of “love the illness”. We cannot do this, it would be false. It is not real. Only when people go beyond it, then “love” it…,then there is no fear. It does not matter anymore, this means we accept it. We say “love”, it means accept it. Accept all the reality… but now our Consciousness is in the state of Love.

You know, Love is a kind of state of the Consciousness! It does not mean we hold onto something, or we want to catch something when we “love it”. If people hold onto something, and “love it”, this is a worldly love. It is fixed. This is self -centred. A kind of self centred- thinking, like : “…because it belongs to me, I love it.” Or: “I want to have it, I love it.” Or: “I love it!!” And here in this state we have a lot of conditions.

So we need to practice to experience true Love, from our inside. When we experience our true Love we can also feel our Love growing. Then it gives us more power. Our energy is growing. It is as if we charge more electricity through a lamp. The lamp becomes brighter, brighter…

Then in time, we only experience true Love. So when the Light illuminates our Heart, or some other organ, the Light naturally gives Love to all those organs. If the Light illuminates our illness, for example cancer, the Light also gives power to the cancer. But throughout the whole body, because now we have Love, the whole immune system also receives “the Love Power” and becomes stronger. It will clean up the body, clean out the toxins naturally. It changes the body, changes the internal environment.

This will make our body harmonious inside. And bring it to a harmonious healthy state.

 Hun yuan ling tong

Teacher Wei , 2 June 2013″

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